Online Trademark Registration For Pharmaceutical Products

Online Trademark Registration For Pharmaceutical Products: In the 21st century, trademarks have gained predominant importance in every industry. Pharmaceutical trademarks for products and their company names are particularly important since they directly relate to the public health issue. However, the pharmaceutical companies will shell out millions of rupees in growing medicines and getting them licensed, they expend minimal time, effort, or ingenuity on branding their medicines. In General, pharmaceutical products are got rid to the whole worldwide, which means pharmaceutical companies need to choose a trademark. Pharmaceutical trademarks are subject to the same statutory jurisdiction as to all other trademarks.
Advantages of trademark for Pharmaceutical products and Company name:

  • Drug manufactures can have Legal security
  • It helps the customer to pick the right medications.
  • It helps the drug manufacturers to take legal action against forged.
  • It helps in the marketing & branding of unique products.
  • It helps insight into the positive image of the company.

Later choosing possible names for a new product or drug, pharmaceutical companies must work regarding bureaucratic and legal approval, which can be hugely difficult and time-processing. While launching a new pharmaceutical product, companies are required to perform a global trademark search to make secure that their desired mark has already being used by other companies and that their branding doesn’t have a negative definition in certain countries. It is most required to acquire health authority approval before strive to sell a pharmaceutical product.

Importance of Trademark Registration:

A trademark is a visual sign, symbol, or logo which represents company services or products. One’s company prominence is reflected by its trademark. A Trademark makes its easy way for the customers to reach you. As you know that the market is full of competitors and it’s very difficult to recognize your product. A trademark is a very important factor to navigate the decision of the customer to determine its services or products from other same goods or services which are manufactured in different businesses. Organizational structures can be tall, In the same way, no two companies are identical. According to an organization, it has to be a great deal of investment. To start with, in making a standard product, and promoting it to the customers. The item turns into a hit, taking the organization to more prominent and more quality status. It fans out quickly. In any case, at some point, the organization understands that another organization is utilizing a misleadingly comparative name and logo to publicize its items. To overcome such types of difficulties Trademark is here to provide you a unique identity certification.

Benefits of having trademark Registration:

  1. Excellent Business Opportunity
  2. Legal Protection
  3. Get Unique Identity
  4. Global Filling of Trademark
  5. Creation of intangible asset
  6. Infringement protection
  7. Exclusive rights
  8. Applying the registered symbol
  9. Differentiating products
  10. Promotes Goods and Services
  11. Protect the Commercial Goodwill
  12. Online listing of Brand Name

Documents Required for the Trademark Registration process:

For Single Proprietary Company

  • Name or Logo to be Registered
  • Owner Name and Address to Registered ( Residential or Business Address)

For Partnership Firm

  • Partnership Deed
  • Name or Logo to be Registered

For Private Limited Company

  • Company Incorporation Certificate.
  • Name or Logo to be Registered.

For LLP ( Limited Liability Partnership)

  • LLP Incorporation Certificate
  • LLP Agreement
  • Name or Logo to be registered

Note: If the Applicant is Partnership Firm, Private Limited Company, or LLP they are requested to provide MSME OR UDYAM Registration Certificate if they are coming under the MSME category.

Trademark Registration process:

  • Selection of Trade or Brand Name.
  • Identify the class of Trademark.
  • Search the Availability of Mark.
  • Filing Application with help of Attorney or Agent.
  • Filing of Objection if any.
  • Acceptance of Mark.
  • Journal Publication.
  • Trademark Registration Certificate.

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