FSSAI - Food Safety License Registration in India

Basic FSSAI Registration in India


Here we discuss about basic registration, Small businesses or startups having annual turnover below Rs.12 lakhs can apply for basic FSSAI Food safety license registration.

State FSSAI Registration in India


Here we discuss about FSSAI state license. Businesses having annual turnover between Rs.12 lakhs to 20 crore can apply for FSSAI state license.

Central FSSAI Registration in India

Central FSSAI

Here we discuss about FSSAI central license. Businesses having annual turnover above 20 crore can apply for FSSAI central license. Eligible food Business Operators

FSSAI License Renewal in India

FSSAI Renewal

As operations scale up and turnover reaches Rs. 12 lakh bar, the basic registration will need to be upgraded to state license.


FSSAI INDIA- FSSAI food safety license and registration Consultants is one of the pioneer consultants for food safety license and registration in all over India.

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FSSAI INDIA- FSSAI food safety license and registration Consultants is one of the pioneer consultants for food safety license and registration in all over India. We are committed to provide quality and reliable services...


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Frequently Asked Questions

FSSAI Stands for “Food Safety and Standard Authority of India. FSSAI is an Independent organization under the Ministry of Health. FSSAI Registration is mandatory for every individuals or entity that is eligible for an FSSAI food safety Registration or License.

Maintaining the food quality levels in order to ensure safety and providing satisfaction to every consumer is the aim of every Food Business Operator. Food safety and standards authority of India (FSSAI Registration) plays an important role in formulating the controlling procedures.

There are 4 steps including fssai license registration procedure that are following

  1. Selection of kind of business
  2. Selection of food category
  3. Selection of type of license
  4. Documentation
  5. Issue of certificate

Common documents required for obtaining FSSAI registration

  • FSSAI declaration
  • Photo Identity of FBO
  • Proof of possession of premises (eg. Rental Agreement)
  • Partnership Deed / Certificate of Incorporation / Articles of Association etc.
  • List of food products to be dealt with
  • Food safety management system plan

Basic registration: It includes business having turnover up to 12 lakh in a year
State license: business having turnover between 12 lakh to 20 cr in a year comes under state license
Central license: business having turnover above 20 cr comes under central license, any business doing export and import also come under central license

To continue the business it is required to be renewed before the expiry of the FSSAI License validity. If your food license expiry is keeping close stay attentive and remember you have to apply 30 days prior to the FSSAI License or registration Expiry date.

FSSAI has extended its scope to include the applications of e-commerce food services. This category includes delivery services such as Uber Eats, Swiggy and Zomato and online grocery stores such as amazon, Big Basket, Flipkart etc. Of late, the food e-commerce sector has grown tremendously. As these platforms operate widely, it is important for these services to ensure compliance with FSSAI..


Who Need FSSAI Food Safety License

The primary step for FSSAI Food safety Registration and Licensing is identifying the nature of business structure. There are various kinds of business like Manufacturer, Repacker, Retailer, Distributer, Supplier, Marketer, Importer, Exporter, Ecommerce, Wholesaler, Restaurant, Canteen, Mess, Food vending establishment, Food vending agencies, Petty Retailer for Tea and Snacks.


Benefits of FSSAI License & Registration

Benefits of FSSAI License & Registration. Legal Protection, FSSAI Logo, Consumer Awareness, Ensure Quality of food, Business Expansion, Increase the brand value of Business and Product.



Ensure Quality of Food

Also it has good established system for ensuring the quality of food items provided by various business firms.

Consumer Awareness

In this modern age, consumers are becoming more conscious about food quality and its standard and hygiene.

Legal Protection

Getting registered with FSSAI gives a legal identity to the business and protects from unnecessary legal trouble.


Once business registered with FSSAI they can use FSSAI logo on their product, food menu,cards etc.

Increase The Brand Value of Products

Having FSSAI Food License will prosper business reputation and goodwill.

Business Expansion

Every entrepreneur always going to start the business with motive for expanding his or her business as much as possible.

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